Domo and Salesforce

Domo and Salesforce

Take your Salesforce data to the next level with Domo

With Domo, you can pull Salesforce data—along with data from any other platform—into a single, intuitive dashboard. This enables you to see Salesforce in the context of other business metrics, and leverage its data in ways never before possible.

Enhance your Salesforce insights with data from finance, marketing, operations—you name it. The best part? Cleaning and combining your data takes just seconds with Magic ETL, Domo’s extract, transform, and load engine, no SQL or coding required

Why Salesforce users love Domo:

  • Connect with the data you need instantly, with 1000+ connectors to the most popular business applications.
  • Assemble, organize, and visualize all your sales tracking metrics in one place.
  • Get intelligent mobile alerts the minute someone hits quota, or when they start to lag behind.
  • Access premium Domo sales apps like Pipeline Velocity, Sales Trends, and more.